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in the past, when japanese warriors failed in their missions and still lived, they'd plunge two knives on either side of their gut and cut around, so all their intestines would fall out, and they'd die a slow bleeding death.

it was the worst way to die, but it was better than living with the shame of failure and the knowledge of ohgodiletthemalldown.

i think i understand that just a bit better now.

stupid contacts. where the heck'd they go?
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i'm just here to say that it's funny how when you tell yourself "i gotta stay up tonight, you just end up making yourself sleepier/"

which kind of defeats the purpose.
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Working with people is really hard

Cause you never know what they're thinking, how they're thinking, whether or not they're thinking in the first place. And everybody makes mistakes, so we all make mistakes at the most inconvenient of times, when our first priority isn't to learn from the whole experience but to get the damn thing done and over with.

i hate these pauses in which nothing happens.

it means something's supposed to get done which isn't getting done, and i'm gonna get in trouble within the next 24 hours.

either that or very sick.
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Council Investiture was today, and I can't quite get the stars out of my eyes yet.

My election speech, oratorical, getting back of midyear papers were never as nerve-wracking as standing outside the hall, waiting for the music (squee!) to start.

I swear I was trembling like mad when we walked down the aisle, so much so that I couldn't concentrate on the surroundings. The only thing I can remember about the walk in itself is Wai Teng's arms swinging, trying very hard to remember not to slouch, to look up, smile gracefully (ended up smirking in an awkward manner), and not to drag feet. And my shoes were a size too small. So my feet hurt. Alot.
And on the stage itself, I was shaking so hard.

The handover (hugging two people at the same time is a difficult art to master) and the oath-taking went pretty well, and we had just about set up this image of the council as serious and grand-looking.

Then we had to do the dance. The retroish, seventies like dance to Grease music. While still in council u and stockings. -.-"

I remember huddling backstage afterwards, too mortified to go down.

But we did eventually, and the rest of the day is one big happy blur.

And now I have a math to do.

Homework, the beautiful anticlimax.
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i just finished like half of the invitations for council invest, and then realised that i left out the RSVP-ing instructions.

which is like the most important thing.

-goes off to slowly cut and paste-
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my glasses are out on the seabed
my glasses committed hara kiri!
my glasses ran away during OBS
oh bring back my glasses to me!

you get the point.

i only got slightly tanned, dangit, but considering i had to be pulled out of the sea only after a few hours...

into a aircon-ed med center with a hot shower :D

i'm quite happy, actually.
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somewhere out there, some african kid is pulling up grass for his next meal. and if he knew what "problems" i'm torturing myself thinking about, he'd bust his bloated, diseased stomach laughing in a pained, satrical manner.


this has been your sporadic pointless hysterical moment.
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shan't talk abt midyears 'cause everybody probably heard me whining abt them last week.

but i did fail chinese (andotherstuff), big surprise.
and when i was on the train, i said "I hate chinese", then my nametag snapped off at the 'qiaolin' part. ^.^

says something, doesn't it?


have been making bracelets out of string. for no reason other than that i'm bored, and beads are pretty